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Headquarters Bologna, Italy
Team Principles Luciano Pederzani ITA
Gianfranco Pederzani ITA
Designer Gordon Fowell GBR (1973)
Alan McCall GBR (1973)
Luciano Pederzani ITA (1972)
Gianfranco Pederzani ITA (1972)


History & Team Record

Martini Racing Team - Tecno logo

The Pederzani brothers had become very successful kart producers in the early 60's and moved into open-wheel racing, with its cars winning the Italian F3 from 1968 through 1971. They also won the 1970 European F2 Championship with Clay Regazzoni at the wheel. With backing from Count Rossi of the Martini & Rossi drinks empire, the team embarked on a F1 project for 1972 using their own 3.0L flat 12 engine.

The development and construction of the tubular space frame PA123 (patterned after the Ferrari 312B) was much delayed and the team finally made their debut at the fifth race of the season in Belgium. Nanni Galli scrapped into the race and then collided, ironically, with Regazzoni retiring them both. The team was plagued by technical problems as well as a lack of horsepower and started just five more races, finishing none.

A bizarre course of events led to the team building two different cars for the 1973 season. Count Rossi and team manager David Yorke hired Gordon Fowell to design a new car (the E731), while the Pederzani brothers hired Alan McCall to rework the 1972 car as the PA123B. Rossi and Yorke had convinced Chris Amon to drive after he failed to reach terms with March Engineering. This proved to be yet another bad career decision by Amon.

The in-fighting led to the team not appearing until round five in Belgium once again, but Amon surprised everyone by finishing sixth and scoring the team's first (and only) championship point. The E731 was used in practice at a couple of GP and showed promise but it never raced and things went downhill from there. After four more retirements Amon quit the team, however he was impressed enough with Fowell's design that he hired him to pen the car for his own Amon Racing team the next year.

Count Rossi took his Martini sponsorship money to Brabham in 1974 and the Pederzani brothers withdrew from competition.

Year Chassis Engine Tyre # / Drivers Start Win Pole F Lap Pts Pos
1972 PA123 Tecno P F12 FS Galli







1973 PA123B
Tecno P F12 FS 22 Amon









10 0 0 0 1  


Derek Bell in the PA123 at French GP 1972 Chris Amon in the modified PA123B at Monaco 1973 The E731 on display

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