Life Racing Engines

Italian flag

Headquarters Formigini, Modena, Italy
Team Principles Ernesto Vita ITA
Designers Franco Rocchi ITA (engine)
Gianni Marelli ITA


Life History & Team Record

Yet another ill-fated attempt by an Italian industrialist to become the next Enzo Ferrari!
The tiny team attempted to qualify a chassis designed in 1988 mated with a radical W12 engine design. Gary Brabham (son of World Champion, Jack Brabham) quit after 2 races.  The following 12 (unsuccessful) qualifying attempts where made by journeyman Bruno Giacomelli, including the last 2 efforts using a conventional Judd V8 engine.

The team disappeared before the end of the season.

Year Chassis Engine Tyre # / Drivers Start Win Pole F Lap Pts Pos
1990 F190 Life F35 W12
Judd EV V8
GY 39 G Brabham / Giacomelli









0 0 0 0 0  

Bruno Giacomelli at Imola attempting to qualify for the 1990 San Marino GP

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