The Music Club Short Takes

Although The Music Club tries to give a full review to as many of the artists that we receive submissions from, sometimes we can only spare the time for a few lines.
It doesn't mean the music is inferior! We would rather give the performer a short mention than to leave them hanging for months waiting for a review...

While II ("2") Big has good potential, right now they sound like a garage band version of Bad Company.
Their lyrics are somewhat shallow and the lead guitar lines repititious, but with some fresh (and more ambitious) material and a little more musical imagination they could be entertaining.
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Howard Gripp & Stinger - "Walk Away"
Was this recorded in 1982? A mind numbing excursion back to the worst of what early 80's music had to offer...Get the air freshener!
A waste of obviously talented musicians on dated material, which is unfortunate since the bands packaging and promotion are well planned and executed.
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Phil T Rich & The Fornicators - "The Happy Clam"
These guys have some musical talent, but the name says it all. A crass attempt to emulate the wit of Frank Zappa, we had a hard time listening to only four songs.


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