Mister Edd
Jump In The Pool
review by d. lawrence haynes

Mister Edd is a refreshing jazz/rock fusion band that seems to have a lot of fun making music. The overall feeling is one of breezy Latin rhythms, but they can rock, swing and pull off a ballad with the best of them.

This talented sextet hails from southwest Michigan where they are a fixture on the local music scene. From the sound of this CD they must be a "must see live" band.

Starting with the title track "Jump In The Pool", a swinging Latin flavored tune, you realize that this is what Kenny G could sound like if he had any energy or soul! This music is somewhat like new age with an attitude...it never jars or jangles but it keeps you grooving politely all the way through.

The band is composed of Chuck Hartzell on percussion, Tim King on saxes and Yamaha WX7 MIDI controller, Kevin Leazenby on bass, Dave Maki on keyboards, Lindsey Mierau on guitar & guitar synth, and Ed Skjordal on drums. In addition to writing all the songs on this set, the members also handle all the vocal chores too.

"Jonz Jam" follows the lead track with the same sustained energy and segues into the first vocal track on the disk. "She's Gone" is a smooth groove with some nice guitar work.

"Haloween" is rife with synths and a catchy stop/start melody that feels like the Brecker brothers meet Steely Dan. In fact influences abound throughout the set...The funky, R&B infused romp "Shame On Mary" features a popping bassline by Leazenby and more fine solo work from guitarist Mierau.

"In My Room" opens with a strong bass, some horn/synth riffs and a sneaky guitar that ultimately gives way to some fine sax work by Tim King, who is featured on guitar on the very next track, "Middle Man", a Doobie Brothers style rocker that is guaranteed to make you want to dance.

"Someday", a lovely ballad with swelling synths providing "string" accompaniment to the haunting sax solo leadds to the socially conscious "Back To The Border". With its' heavy synths layered on a bed-rock tom-tom drum and a floating native flute, this tunes' power hovers very near the surface and then explodes in a searing guitar crescendo.

"7:30" lopes along at an easy gait with nice work all-round. Deceptively simple at first listen, there's a lot more going on inside this song. The bubbling guitar dancing around behind the lead work keeps this one bouncing.

There's an irresistable Latin groove to "Tortilla", it floats like a summer breeze and conjures up images of the Caribbean on a clear, balmy evening. "Tumbao" picks up where "Tortilla" left us, but now we're in love and dancing under a bright wash of moonlight. Whirling through the warm night air.... viva!!

The CD closes with Mister Edd's first single "Mongo Bongo", a racous free-for-all where everyone gets into the act, singing and having a ball. This song usually ends their live performances and so it does here, ending a very satisfying set.

All in all this is a delightful romp through a set of fresh and lively tunes, and a perfect way to welcome summer....
OK everybody! "Jump In The Pool" !!

Mister Edd

"Jump In The Pool"
For more information contact:
Tim King or Dave Maki
(616) 925-0515 or 471-7200
Or visit the Mister Edd website: http://www.qtm.net/~saxman

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