The Lovin' Miserys - Happy As Hell

...Homage Hombres

The Lovin' Miserys, while creating a sound of their own, are all over the historical, musical map. Hearing the first tune, "Bittersweetheart", I was reminded of The Replacements, and that's largely due to lead singer, Jimmer's , uncanny take on Paul Westerberg. Just when I was comfortable with that pigeon hole, the band surprised with a kaleidoscope of references. "She Has Good Records" builds nicely on a fuzzy riff-laden hook reminiscent of a young Neil Young. "I Think I Am" conjures up The Doors filtered through the Trogg's "Wild Thing". Then I came up against "Mrs. Cleaver", poor Beaver's Mom, set upon by a band of psychedelic thugs disguised as Grace Slick and The Jefferson Airplane. Here, they evoked all the tired cliches of outcast youth. As Ward would say "Get over it!".

While the sneaky bass insinuations that introduce a song about a woman with eleven toes "Shoot the Moon" and the Paul Simon-esque, "Me and Julio" guitar riff on "Dad, Let's Go Outside and Play" show a musical sophistication, there are other efforts that fall short. The sophomoric three-chord "Half a Dad", the wandering "If" and the pedestrian "Automatic", might well have been left off this collection to tighten it's burgeoning sixty-five minute length.

This disc is invaded by many influences, but the strength of this band is that it integrates those sources into a cohesive sound.
It's a keeper.

Reviewer : d lawrence haynes

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