The Music Club Have you ever felt the need to broaden the musical horizons of your friends or family?
Do you love to share your new discoveries with other music lovers ?

Then you would enjoy The Music Club

Every once in a while this varied group meets to talk about and listen to music of all styles.
They draw on their knowledge from a wide range of industry experience and musical talents...
...from jazz to hard rock to trip-hop (and everything in between) there is an ear for every style at The Music Club

Ever made a list of the 10 albums that you would take on your desert island?
The Music Club member's All Time Top 10's:
Desert Island Discs v2.0

Desert Island Discs v1.0
Check out the selections made at past meetings:

Listen to our picks and messages: A Song for Lew

Food, Anything Goes III, Names
Desert Island Discs v2.0, KLUB Radio, Anything Goes II
Christmas 2002, Country 'n' Blues, Free 4 All, Colors Of Summer,
Christmas 2001, Shoulda Been A Hit, Live!, Global Beat, Love Is In The Air
2000 Wrap-Up
, Lennon & McCartney Covers, Blues BashDesert Island Discs v1.0
Anything Goes, Musicals, Cafe Sinatra, Vocalists, Commemorations

"and the band plays on..." A tribute to Mickey Newbury

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A wonderful tribute...
Get Fuzzy says goodbye to Ray Charles
...we will miss you too, Ray.