It is our pleasure to bring you conclusive proof that 90% of all company internet resources
are used to send jokes to co-workers.... Enjoy!

Compiled with the help of, among others, Kelly, Angelique, Maura, Maureen, Brian & Brian

NTF Photo Fun! Volume One of our caption archive - now featuring A-Rod!

The Worst Album Covers of All-Time!
Volume 1: Religion Makes You Do Strange Things
Volume 2: Just Plain Creepy


Enjoy some NTF! TV


Talking Dog Collie, Border Collie...
The Engineer & The Manager Boeing employees?
Black Is "In" we have the proof!

The Country Is In Trouble employment statistics explained
Olympic Humor get a laugh out of Beijing
We're Off To See The Wizard With the Presidents of the United States
Your guide to translating what men say.

The world famous Male Chauvinist Pig Jokes!
Don't tell these to your wife...

US Newspapers
A Readers Guide
Bedtime Prayers
The Male & Female versions...
The Scottish View Of Global Warming
Did you know that Al Gore discovered Scotland?

If Santa Answered His Mail Honestly Have YOU been good?
Holiday Eating Tips
Follow them!!
'twas The Month After Christmas
and I ate too much.
What ARE You Complaining About?
Great British bloopers!
Spoonfuls Of Efficiency Soup or Salad?
Call It Natural Selection
What the newspaper didn't tell you...
How To Give Your Animal A Pill
A must for all pet lovers...
Satan Takes A Bogie
And you thought Curtis was Strange.
Whale Of A Time
Humpback humor.
More Redneck Humor
Truly Foxworthy-esque.
residents of the "Deep" South will be VERY offended!
Police Stories
You never know, it may be true...

 And of course...
...the Master of Culinary Mayhem
Chef Clark Jewell

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