Belgian Grand Prix

Analysis :
Damon Hill's title hopes took another battering as Micheal Schumacher drove a superb race in the lead Ferrari, easily beating the Williams of Jacques Villeneuve and McLarens' Mika Hakkinen. Jean Alesi brought home his Benetton in fourth while a charging Gerhard Berger almost demoted Hill to sixth at the finish.

Eddie Irvine's string of mechanical retirements continued, while David Coulthard spun out from a points position. The tight hairpin at the end of the pit straight once more claimed cars at the start, with Heinz-Harald Frentzen taking out teammate Johnny Herbert and Ligier's Olivier Panis.

The race was interrupted by a safety car while track workers cleared away the wreckage from Jos Verstappen's huge accident. This played into Schumacher's hands as Villeneuve stayed out for a couple of laps before pitting - which probably cost him the race.

Michael Schumacher took his second win of the season in great style - even dealing with a bent steering arm. But now it's Hill vs. Villeneuve, and all we can hope is that Williams gives no preferential treatment during the last three races.....

Qualifying :
Warm and sunny
PosDriverNat.TeamTime m:ss.sss
1Jacques Villeneuve CANWilliams-Renault1:50.574
2Damon HillGBRWilliams-Renault1:50.980
3Michael SchumacherGERFerrari1:51.778
4David CoulthardGBRMcLaren-Mercedes1:51.884
5Gerhard BergerAUTBenetton-Renault1:51.960
6Mika HakkinenFINMcLaren-Mercedes1:52.318
7Jean AlesiFRABenetton-Renault1:52.354
8Martin BrundleGBRJordan-Peugeot1:52.977
9Eddie IrvineIRLFerrari1:53.043
10Rubens BarrichelloBRAJordan-Peugeot1:53.152
11H-H FrentzenGER Sauber-Ford1:53.199
12Johnny HerbertGBRSauber-Ford1:53.993
13Mika SaloFINTyrrell-Yamaha1:54.095
14Olivier PanisFRALigier-Mugen1:54.220
15Pedro DinizBRALigier-Mugen1:54.700
16Jos VerstappenNEDTWR-Hart1:55.150
17Ukyo KatayamaJAPTyrrell-Yamaha1:55.371
18Ricardo RossetBRATWR-Hart1:56.286
19Pedro LamyPORMinardi-Ford1:56.830

107 % rule : 1:58.314s
Did Not Qualify :

Gianni Lavaggi - ITA - Minardi Ford 1:58.579
Andrea Montermini - ITA - Forti-Ford did not enter
Luca Badoer - ITA - Forti-Ford did not enter

Race : 44 laps
Dry and sunny
PosDriverNat.CarTime h:mm:ss.sss
1Michael SchumacherGERFerrari1:28:15.125
2Jacques VilleneuveCANWilliams-Renault1:28:20.727
3Mika HakkinenFINMcLaren-Mercedes1:28:30.835
4Jean AlesiFRABenetton-Renault1:28:34.250
5Damon HillGBRWilliams-Renault1:28:44.304
6Gerhard BergerAUTBenetton-Renault1:28:45.021
7Mika SaloFINTyrrell-Yamaha1:29:15.979
8Ukyo KatayamaJAPTyrrell-Yamaha1:29:55.352
9Ricardo Rosset BRATWR-Hart1 lap down
10Pedro LamyPORMinardi-Ford1 lap down
11David CoulthardGBRMcLaren-Mercedes38 laps - spun off
12Martin BrundleGBRJordan-Puegeot35 laps -
13Rubens BarrichelloBRAJordan-Peugeot30 laps -
14Eddie IrvineIRLFerrari30 laps - engine
15Pedro DinizBRALigier-Mugen23 laps -
16Jos VerstappenNEDTWR-Hart12 laps - accident
17H-H FrentzenGER Sauber-Ford1 lap - collision
18Johnny HerbertGBRSauber-Ford1 lap - collision
19Olivier PanisFRALigier-Mugen1 lap - collision

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