Argentinian Grand Prix

Analysis :
Following his convincing win a week earlier, Damon Hill carried the momentum to Argentina, where he soundly beat team-mate Jacques Villeneuve for his third staight victory. Jean Alesi turned in a solid performance for Benetton, as did Gerhard Berger before the bumpy circuit got the better of the Benetton's suspension.

Micheal Schumacher also pushed Hill hard in the early laps but could not sustain the pace of the Williams (though it bodes well for Ferrari's performance at other slow tracks like Monaco and Hungaroring) . Rubens Barricello had an uneventful run to fourth place while Ferrari number two Eddie Irvine picked up consolation points for Marinello. Deservedly rounding out the points was Jos Verstappen in the Arrows, who ran well all weekend.

David Coulthard finally managed to finish a race for McLaren, whileMika Hakkinen was let down by his Mercedes V10. Mika Salo's run of finishes also came to an end, while Martin Brundle was the victim of an assault by the Minardi of Tarso Marques.

Johnny Herbert bought home the Sauber, but way off the pace while Heinz-Harald Frentzen was helped off the track at the restart, following two nasty incident's - Luca Badoer flipping his Forti, then Pedro Diniz's Ligier exploding in flames (perhaps due to a faulty fuel filler valve, since he had just made a pitstop).

With Damon Hill now three for three, the chances of anyone else winning the championship are already fading...

Qualifying :
Clear, dry
PosDriverNat.TeamTime m:ss.sss
1Damon HillGBRWilliams-Renault1:30.346
2Michael Schumacher GERFerrari1:30.598
3Jacques Villeneuve CAN Williams-Renault1:30.907
4Jean AlesiFRABenetton-Renault1:31.038
5Gerhard BergerAUTBenetton-Renault1:31.262
6Rubens BarrichelloBRAJordan-Peugeot1:31.404
7Jos VerstappenNEDArrows-Hart1:31.615
8Mika HakkinenFINMcLaren-Mercedes1:31.801
9David CoulthardGBRMcLaren-Mercedes1:32.001
10Eddie IrvineIRLFerrari1:32.058
11H-H FrentzenGER Sauber-Ford1:32.130
12Olivier PanisFRALigier-Mugen1:32.177
13Ukyo KatayamaJAPTyrrell-Yamaha1:32.407
14Tarso MarquesBRAMinardi-Ford1:32.502
15Martin BrundleGBRJordan-Puegeot1:32.696
16Mika SaloFINTyrrell-Yamaha1:32.903
17Johnny HerbertGBRSauber-Ford1:33.256
18Pedro DinizBRALigier-Mugen1:33.424
19Pedro LamyPORMinardi-Ford1:33.727
20Ricardo Rosset BRAArrows-Hart1:33.752
21Luca Badoer ITAForti-Ford1:34.830
22Andrea MonterminiITAForti-Ford1:35.651

107 % rule:
All cars qualified

Race : 72 laps
Warm and dry
PosDriverNat.CarTime h:mm:ss.sss
1Damon HillGBRWilliams-Renault1:54:55.322
2Jacques Villeneuve CAN Williams-Renault1:55:07.489
3Jean AlesiFRABenetton-Renault1:55:10.076
4Rubens BarrichelloBRAJordan-Peugeot1:55:50.453
5Eddie IrvineIRLFerrari1:56:00.313
6Jos VerstappenNEDArrows-Hart1:56:04.235
7David CoulthardGBRMcLaren-Mercedes1:56:08.722
8Olivier PanisFRALigier-Mugen1:56:09.617
9Johnny HerbertGBRSauber-Ford1 lap down
10Andrea MonterminiITAForti-Ford3 laps down
11Gerhard BergerAUTBenetton-Renault56 laps - suspension
12Michael Schumacher GERFerrari46 laps - cracked monocoque
13Pedro LamyPORMinardi-Ford39 laps - ???
14Mika SaloFINTyrrell-Yamaha36 laps - electronics
15Martin BrundleGBRJordan-Puegeot34 laps - collision
16Tarso MarquesITAMinardi-Ford33 laps - collision
17H-H FrentzenGER Sauber-Ford32 laps - spun off
18Pedro DinizBRALigier-Mugen29 laps - fire
19Ukyo KatayamaJAPTyrrell-Yamaha28 laps - engine
20Luca BadoerITAForti-Ford24 laps - accident
21Ricardo Rosset BRAArrows-Hart24 laps - ???
22Mika HakkinenFINMcLaren-Mercedes19 laps - engine

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